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Keeping listeners company throughout the day with quality, relevant, informative and entertaining programmes that will cut across business, politics, education, sports, music, news, current affairs, relationships and family entertainment. Programming reflects what our target audience wants to hear, this we know for sure through research, our gut feeling, and industry knowledge. Since 2008, we have established a credible name among other stations, and we have served businesses, homes, and clients by providing them with quality, efficient and professional live answering service. Our services are geared towards helping clients manage, cover and attend to their homes, spiritual lives and businesses in the best possible way. We are committed to answering calls with compassion, care, efficiency, quality, and professionalism. With decades of experience in the radio and TV station service, we take over your incoming communications so you can get back to what you do best. Our team of professionals is trained to attend to your request and act as an extension of your demand in the same professional way you would and tackling questions according to your customized script.


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