Our founders started RTELH to solve a major problem: How do we introduce people to the world of life improvement in a pleasing way and welcoming, not intimidating and snarky?

We are all used to listening to the radio through a good old receiver frequency, twisting the tuning knob and listening to the whispers of the switching radio stations. But times have changed – now, virtually every radio station offers digital broadcasting on the Internet. Indeed, we live in unique times when free Internet radio stations from around the world are just one click away. We offer a variety of programs, news, and music in a wide range of styles and trends. Therefore, with the sincere aim to help you listen to the radio online for free, we endeavored to gather all the programmes in our station. Come to our site or install our free application on your smartphone, and we will do our best to make it convenient for you to listen to your favorite radio station.

RTELH was founded with passion and stand out as the world best Christian radio and TV station. The goal was to share with the world their love life improvement and positive changes -- but from their unique point of view, that station’s programme should be exciting, easy to grip, and well presented. That vision has grown to be shared by hundreds of millions of people around the world, and our little station has expanded worldwide and over a hundred amazing and inspirational employees.

We cover programmes aspirational, inspirational and attainable, through a unique lifestyle approach that’s reflected in the way we write about the new instinct that change and shape our lives.

We hope that you find RTELH to be a useful station that helps you navigate the complicated world while both are getting you excited and inspired in the process.

Our support team of qualified technical professionals is always available to answer and tackle your concerns. Contact us today and if you need any further assistance on any issues. We will love to hear from you, so get in touch. So, please contact us with any idea, feature request, or bug' that you encounter. We desire to do our best to address them all. You can email us at (info@relh.com) or add comments below.